[ubuntu-uk] Problems burning install CD

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 9 13:36:24 UTC 2011

Pottar Muzamba wrote:

> Hi Tony and Rob.
> Thanks for the prompt response to my plight.  Let me first explain how
> I created the edubutu CD.

It looks like you've created a new message here, but in response to an
existing one. This breaks the threading, so appears as a new message
beginning a new conversation, which makes it quite hard for people who
only turn up now to know what's been said before.
There is a (hidden) difference between clicking 'reply' and starting a
new email message - the message generated by the reply function has,
hidden away in its headers, a note of which email it was sent in
response to. Threading mail clients can then display the messages
sorted into these conversations, and even if I turn up halfway through
it's trivial to go back and see what's already been tried.
Also, a subject line is quite useful for piqing the interest of the
people who are interested in the problem you're having.

> 2.	When the downloading was completed, the following files
> appeared
> Edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386 (with a dvd sign at the beginning)
> The second file is edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386.iso.part

This looks like you've not finished downloading the file. When
downloading from the internet, what's quite common is to create a
local file that the downloaded file will end up at, but not write
anything to it. The downloader then downloads the file to a '.part'
file, and when it's finished moves it into its final place. 
So here, what happened is your web browser created a file called 
which is where the file is to end up. It then started downloading the
file to 


But before it finished (it may have had a problem and aborted) you
copied the two files to a CD. 
Once the file has finished copying, not only will there be no 'part'
file any more, but also the size of the intended file (the iso file
here) will not be 0.

You'll also not have managed to burn the ISO to a disc, since it's not
a complete ISO file (which may be why there was no burning function in
the right-click menu), so the disc you've burned wont be bootable.

What you need to do is try redownloading the ISO, and make sure it's
complete (that there is no .part file, and that the .iso file is around
600MB), and then try again.


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