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Pottar Muzamba pottarm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 12:59:10 UTC 2011

Hi Tony and Rob.

Thanks for the prompt response to my plight.  Let me first explain how
I created the edubutu CD.

A.	How I created the DVD/CD

1.	I down loaded the software.
2.	When the downloading was completed, the following files appeared

Edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386 (with a dvd sign at the beginning)
The second file is edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386.iso.part

I inserted a black DVD and highlighted the two file and instructed it to burn

Please note that I tried to right click as per instructions given in
the burning Iso instruction but there was no burning function.

A window appeared asking me how I want to use the disc

Disc Title: edubuntu

Like a USB flash drive

With a CD/DVD player (selected this option

Went to next…
Files ready to be written to the disc (2)

edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386 (under type NTI iso file, size 0KB)
edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386.iso.part under type PART file, size 222,322KB
Please note that both files had down arrows at the beginning of the file names

I clicked the burn function, another window appeared with the disc
title (edubuntu) Recording speed, reduced it to 10x.

Clicked burn

A message appeared saying you have successfully burned your files then
it ejected the CD before I clicked finish.

This is basically the process I used to create the DVD/CD

B. 	Booting from the BIOS

I tried to follow the instructions which Rob sent me and this is my experience.

i)	I switched off the laptop and switched it on.
ii)	During the process of booting, I pressed F2 and it took me inside
setup utility  with the menu bar having, Information, Main, Security,
Boot and exit.
iii)	 Selected boot and it gave the boot priority order

IDEI: Optiarc DVD RW AD-75805
Network Boot: Legacy PCI
USB HDD Device
iv	I tried second and last option but did not respond.


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