[ubuntu-uk] Diaspora

Andrew Savin andrew.savin at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jan 2 20:11:42 UTC 2011

On 02/01/11 20:08, Andrew Savin wrote:
> On 02/01/11 19:16, Tim Dobson wrote:
>> You've all seen the comings and goings of the likes of Google Wave,
>> Plaxo, Plurk, Virb, Friendfeed, Friendster, Myspace...
>> Well there's a new effort out there called Diaspora:
>> http://join-diaspora.com in alpha right now with very limited numbers
>> of invites.
>> Here's my first impression: I think it might do what you wanted Buzz
>> to do, but it isn't tied to anyone's company. Twitter is great for
>> short posts and links, and very short chats. I like IRC/Jabber for text
>> chats over just about anything else, but it isn't easy to do drawn out
>> discussions spanning over several days.
>> If you want to give diaspora a try, let me know and maybe others who
>> have invites will also say hi in here as well.
>> Diaspora might be pretty cool, but it won't be of any interest without
>> a lot of like-minded people on it. Please consider joining us if
>> - you enjoy testing all types of things with a bunch of people (that's
>> why you're on this list, isn't it?)
>> - you are willing to log in once a day for a while to try to help us
>> get momentum
>> - you are willing to try to get others in via your (currently) 5 invites.
>> When you first get in to diaspora, you have two Aspects. These are
>> simple groups of people, "work" and "family". I created one I call
>> Geeks where most of you would be. If you like diaspora, you can try and
>> drag your family in from Facebook.
>> Personally, I like diaspora as a discussion platform, but it isn't
>> rich like FB. Because it's simple though, you can post to your groups
>> and discuss with them. The down side is that it's yet another site to
>> log in on.
>> I have a few invites left if anyone wants thinks they want be willing to
>> give it a try and I was hoping that other people with invites might also
>> be willing to donate a few to interested parties.
>> Cheers,
>> Tim
> If there's a spare invite I'd like to give it a go.
> Andrew
Now that's quick. Thanks a lot.


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