[ubuntu-uk] pre-installed Ubuntu from UK vendor :)

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 18:36:46 UTC 2011

On 21/02/11 17:27, Ross Mounce wrote:
>>  have you thought about just building your own?
> I'm very happy to unscrew and plug things in/out. I've done RAM upgrades
> and HDD replacements.
> Simple stuff like that.
> But the prospects of 'thermal grease/paste' and 'bent pins' WRT to
> processor + mobo + heat sink scares me tbh.
> Is it possible to get that bit done for me, then do the rest myself?
> Seems to me if I want that bit done, I might as well outsource the rest
> too...
> Ross

Funny you should ask... Aria.co.uk have a Pentium Dual-Core E5700 (3GHz 
dual core CPU) kit consisting of CPU pre-overclocked to 3.8Ghz (it's 
just a BIOS setting) and motherboard with 2GB Ram and a CPU cooler for 
£140 inc VAT.


(if the link doesn't work it's quick code 43779).

Or if you want something already in a case you could opt for one of 
their bare bones systems such as this Athlon II X3 450 (3.2GHz triple 
core) with NVidia nForce 430 chipset with onboard graphics and 2GB Ram 
for £150 inc VAT.



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