[ubuntu-uk] Google Earth .....

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 17:15:34 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-02-20 at 17:04 +0000, Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ....  My sister asked me to pop over there this morning because
> she really wanted to use Google Earth.  It is not difficult to make it
> work, but I had to get and install stuff by the commandline.  Not
> something I could have talked her through over the phone.  I wonder if
> Google Earth has been asked to offer Deb packages?  Is there a history
> here? If so, can someone fill me in please?  I notice in the Ubuntu
> repository there is a 'Google Earth Package maker'.  That struck me as
> very odd.  Why not just a simple shell script that does what I had to
> do?  Or am I missing something?

I'm sure I didn't install using a command line - I have Ubuntu 10.10. Or
have I forgotten a moment of genius?


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