[ubuntu-uk] Preferred online storage solution?

Dave Hanson d.hanson at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 11:36:19 UTC 2011

I sure you can tell from the subject where this is going :)

I'm particularly keen to find out what everyones preferred online 
storage solution is and why, I ask because I am struggling to find one 
suitable for Ubuntu, here's what I have tried;

- Ubuntu One (obviously)

The main issue with this for me is that it seems to be ALWAYS doing 
something in the background even if there is nothing to sync, and when 
it does do the syncing it's so sloooow. I'm not moving huge files around 
but some are a good few MB in size and a the cluttered directory 
structure I use accompanied with the large amount of small files just 
don't seem to be suited as it can take an absolute age for the browser 
based version of Ubuntu One to correspond to what my local folder 
contains once I have moved something around or added to the folder.

- Spider Oak

It seemed ideal at first as I study at University, Spider Oak boasts 
that it will automatically backup my files each time I save and keep a 
copy for me at no cost to my storage limit, excellent? Not quite, the 
backup of the files is true but the use of space is not, and I have 
already run out of my allowance. You can download the files from their 
site, but you cannot then upload!? - odd. (well, it seems odd to me 
anyway?) The uploads/syncing also seems to be a lot quicker than One.

- Sky Drive/Live Mesh (I know it's a bit taboo talking about MS here, 
apologies in advance)

The best I have tried in my opinion, fast syncing & uploads, didn't seem 
to be doing a huge about in the background wasting resources and the Sky 
Drive also comes with 25GB of online storage, The drive can also be 
mounted to windows so it seems like a standard drive. shame it can't be 
ran on Ubuntu as I have recently made the permanent 'switch' and 
abandoned Windows all together.

So that concludes my (very) shortlist and my experiences, And as I say 
"I'm particularly keen to find out what everyones preferred online 
storage solution is and why".

Thanks Everybody.

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