[ubuntu-uk] Lubuntu

John MM scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 17:09:24 UTC 2011

You could try LDXE, I think that is what its called, that is a basic 
Ubuntu as well. I quite liked it when I had it running.

On 10/02/11 16:47, Rob Beard wrote:
> I might have another look at Lubuntu, I've been looking into a basic 
> lightweight distro for two P3 laptops for a local Surestart centre for 
> the kids to use things like Tuxpaint, GCompris, etc on and I too have 
> found XFCE a bit resource hungry, and I didn't fancy messing around 
> with Debian.
> Rob
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> Sent from my ZX Spectrum.

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