[ubuntu-uk] Minecraft

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Feb 3 15:53:42 UTC 2011

Some of us are playing Minecraft which is a fun (if potentially time
consuming) "game" (some would argue it's not a game, in the same way
Lego isn't).

We have a little server running on the end of my home internet
connection where we play.

Other members of the UK Ubuntu community are more than welcome to join us.

For those that don't know Minecraft is a closed source pay-for
game/toy/creation tool which can be played solo or on a server in
multi player mode. You can get more details and buy Minecraft at

To be clear: It's non-free (currently ~15 EUR), non-Free (author says
he may open source it when he's had enough), written in Java, runs on
Ubuntu/Windows/OSX, in beta (price goes up later), has bugs, requires
lots of RAM (ideally), requires 3D acceleration, a net connection. If
that's okay by you, great, join in.

You can see our "magnificent" creations here:-


Join us on irc in #ubuntu-uk-minecraft on freenode. This link will
probably take you to the channel in your browser.


You can of course use a conventional IRC client instead if you prefer.


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