[ubuntu-uk] Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Dec 24 11:16:44 UTC 2011

On 24/12/11 01:41, Nick Callaghan wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just wondering if anybody on the list has the samsung galaxytab 10.1 and
> has managed to connect it to as a mass storage device in ubuntu?
> Apparently it connects as an mtp device?
> I did manage to find:
> http://lifeafter2am.net/2011/07/connecting-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-to-linux/
> But device wont mount, anybody else had any joy?

I have a galaxy tab 10.1, and the charging occurs through the adapter
connector USB cable, that is it charges from a USB socket. This same
USB cable can be plugged into my PC USB socket and it auto mounts (in
ubuntu 10.04.3) and the PC then indicates that a SAMSUNG_Android is
connected. The galaxy tab also indicates: USB connected, MTP-connected.
On the PC the file manager (location) of the mounted folder is

There are a lot of folders listed in the device, which is seen as
apparently a medium containing  digital photos, however, in nautilus,
all the folders are shown as empty. Maybe permissions need to be
managed somehow but my trick of gksu nautilus produces a nautilus
which does not show this medium....
I have other versions of Ubuntu  but have not yet tried it with them.

alan cocks
Ubuntu user #10391
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