[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu one and google +

Alan Pope alan.pope at canonical.com
Thu Dec 22 23:55:59 UTC 2011

On 22/12/11 23:00, Andres wrote:
> i do not get it.
> At least through facebook/twitter you could use your gwibber.
And you'll be able to use G+ through gwibber once Google make the API 
available no doubt.
> Since g+, linkedin, diaspora* et al. Are not as mainstream and do not 
> even make there way to gwibber (there are bug reports for each) what 
> is the point of adding another link clogging up the gui?
How does something become mainstream?
By people using it.

Why do people use it?
Because their friends and other people/companies/products they're 
interested in are there.

So in my opinion we should be where people are. People most definitely 
are on G+, whether you are or not.

Let's look at an example. Matthew Inman who runs the insanely popular 
'The Oatmeal' web site/comic which appeals to 'normal' people, not just 
geeks has this to say:-


He took ~1 year to get   ~17K followers on tumblr.
He took ~2 years to get ~209K followers on twitter.
He took ~1 month to get ~190K followers on Google plus.

That was back on October 15th.

Now he has over 400K followers on Google. More in ~3 months than it took 
2 _years_ on twitter.


Google+ is mainstream.

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