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Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Dec 21 18:50:03 UTC 2011

Hi Matt

On 21 December 2011 08:22, Matthew Daubney <matt at daubers.co.uk> wrote:

> On 21 December 2011 00:09, Avi Greenbury <lists at avi.co> wrote:
> > Liam Proven wrote:
> >
> >> > The main think I like is the notification system. When logged in
> >> > with Empathy, if I receive a message a small notification appears
> >> > at the bottom of the screen with the message, which I can then
> >> > click to reply straight away or ignore and allow it to disappear
> >> > like a normal notification.
> >> >
> >> > Does anyone know of any way to get this sort of feature or anything
> >> > similar?
> >>
> >> I'm puzzled. Unity does this already. The notifications are
> >> translucent boxes at top right of the screen. The daemon is called
> >> ayatana-notify, IIRC.
> >>
> >
> > No it doesn't. Empathy in Unity presents that pop-up at the top, in
> > response to which you need to hunt down the appropriate Empathy window
> > and type into it. Any attempt to interact with the notification causes
> > it to become invisible.
> Let me know if I'm wrong (which is possible as I don't use empathy
> anymore) but do you not get a thing in the messaging menu that you can
> click on to bring the message to the front? That's how it works with
> email. I know it's not as convenient as clicking the notification, but
> it's not much slower (the icon should be just above the notification).

I do actually get a flashing icon in the panel on my Desktop PC when I have
messages.  It is the empathy icon (a sort of green square voice bubble)
that alternates with a sort of alert symbol.  To me it is a bit irritating
as I always get it when I start Empathy because I get messages from the
freenode NikServ to tell me that I am identified for my TonyP nickname.  I
have to click the icon, which brings up the chat window, to stop it
flashing.  Less irritating is when my brother messages me.

Strangely, I don't get any of this on my EEEPC Netbook, but the mail icon
does turn blue.  Wish I knew why.  They both run 11.10 with same Empathy

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