[ubuntu-uk] Attractive Features for Ubuntu

Joe Smith yothsoggoth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 17:23:12 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I've been using Ubuntu for a few years now, since Karmic, on several
computers. These days I mainly use Ubuntu (Oneiric 11.10) on my desktop and
Xubuntu (Oneiric 11.10) on my netbook.
Recently, though, I've been experimenting with Gnome-Shell on Fedora and,
although I still prefer Ubuntu, there a few features I really like in
Gnome-Shell and I was wondering if there are any equivalent/similar
features for Ubuntu (Unity/XFCE mainly as they're what I use)

The main think I like is the notification system. When logged in with
Empathy, if I receive a message a small notification appears at the bottom
of the screen with the message, which I can then click to reply straight
away or ignore and allow it to disappear like a normal notification.

Does anyone know of any way to get this sort of feature or anything similar?

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