[ubuntu-uk] Unity - I like this

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Dec 15 20:07:45 UTC 2011

I ran small club meetings Monday and Wednesday (different people, all
retired), five or six in each meeting, and all are interested in Libre
computing, however they are still all using Windows on their usual PCs
and would regard themselves as non techie novices, at the slightly
ambitious end of things.

I had a bunch of Ubuntu 11.10 CDs to offer, and this was demonstrated
as installed and also in live session. One more experienced attender
had already downloaded it and installed  it on a 10 year old laptop
and it was actually running almost normally, albeit with slight
delays. Impressive.

One attender said 11.10 had a good review in a computer Mag. Everyone
seemed to quite like it. Before one meeting my wife had asked for
11.10 to be installed on her Meenee laptop, (I am still using Ubuntu
10.04.3 LTS on my main PC)  it just got on in time, and made a nice

A long time friend had recently said he now wanted (at last!) to try
Ubuntu dual boot, so this was completed yesterday and with a delivery
briefing and q & a this morning. The intention was that a friend of
his can now see it and it might be good for both of them in the near

'Swish' looking was one comment. Another friend is still waiting (and
asking) in the wings for (Unity) because I said will prefer to upgrade
them after 12.04 is released and settled.

All in all, Unity is being well received by these novices, with no
hint of them wanting a hierarchical menu system.
alan cocks

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