[ubuntu-uk] Friend: 'Where's my Downloads folder then?'

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Dec 11 20:41:36 UTC 2011

A friend today mentioned a question about not actually knowing where
the various Gmail attachments ended up after they were downloaded from
the web gmail to their machine to read? The was apparently a 'long'
list, visible at the time of each new download, but my friend had
never been able to locate where these attachments actually ended up.
Not that they had tried very hard I must say, but it was a genuine

They have been using Ubuntu 10.04 for over a year and also use mobile
phones regularly, with a second android based phone just recently
bought. Not afraid of tech stuff, but far too busy to be much bothered
by it.

Over the phone, I guided attention to (my guess of)  the Downloads folder.
'I do not know of that, I do not see it when I click on
Applications.....'  they said.

So I said
Places>Home> (?) Downloads
Ah! and yes, there it was.

What I realised  then was that this friend, an exceptionally skilled
and confident major building works DIY-er, did not have a working
knowledge of the *menus* in Ubuntu 10.04, even after long use for
their own normal requirements.

This person had really liked the unity type display when they caught
sight of it on my test machine a long while ago. And pretty obviously,
this person is going to really like 12.04 LTS when I eventually
upgrade them.

+1 for unity!

alan cocks

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