[ubuntu-uk] appearance changing without any input from me

Grant Sewell dcglug at thymox.co.uk
Fri Dec 9 19:07:33 UTC 2011

On Fri, 09 Dec 2011 18:58:54 +0000
paul sutton wrote:

> Hi
> I am using Ubuntu 11.04.  I was using the system earlier today logged
> out as I usually do, when i went back to the system later on,  the
> actual desktop appearance had changed,  I know I can change this using
> system - preferences - appearance
> I just wondered why it keeps either changing or forgetting what I have
> set it too.
> anyone else come across anything similar.
> Paul

Hi Paul,

I found that, on occasion under 10.04.x, everything would change
unexpectedly.  It would seem that some application or other had caused
a problem with Compiz and so Compiz bombed out, so my session had
reverted to plain ol' Metacity.  Running "compiz --replace &" sorted
things out nicely.


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