[ubuntu-uk] Problem with Username and password for Synaptic

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:55:06 UTC 2011

On 09/12/2011 16:33, Alan Bell wrote:
> I think you have been and gone a couple of times before your problem 
> was solved, I don't know if you are on a dialup connection, but 
> generally if you stick around for a few hours you will give people 
> more of a chance to see your problem and respond to it. First time you 
> were on we discovered that you didn't have the users and groups tool 
> installed, after you left I commented that perhaps you don't have the 
> ubuntu-desktop package installed, which would have pulled this and 
> other items in.
> So the situation is that you installed ubuntu with one account, then 
> created a second account which was not initially an administrator 
> account, but now is I think in the right groups. When you perform an 
> action that requires sudo access your machine prompts you for the 
> username and password of the primary user. This is quite similar to my 
> kid's computers where they don't have admin accounts, if they go to 
> install something from software centre (why are you using synaptic 
> rather than software centre? Is it a synaptic specific issue or does 
> for example the unlock button on the users and groups tool prompt for 
> the primary user password too?) then I have to put in my password for 
> them because they are not in the sudoers file (or in the admin group 
> which is).
> I think the first time you came on IRC we got you set up with the 
> right groups from the command line and got you to install the users 
> and groups app. I would suggest sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to 
> make sure there is nothing else missing that is critical. Can you in 
> fact run things with sudo under your new username?
> Alan.
Hi Alan,

That is exactly it, I can log in and use the terminal sudo whatever it 
asks for the new username and password, but it is a synaptic specific 
problem, not everything can be installed via software centre, at least I 
havent been able to use software centre for everything, and your right 
again, both users in Users ad Groups ask for the old username and 
password, I just noticed that now.


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