[ubuntu-uk] CTS @ computer fairs - Bracknell Local activity etc

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Dec 8 00:21:25 UTC 2011

On 07/12/11 17:44, George Tripp wrote:
>> In addition, it may be of interest to mention here that I also
>> run a couple of groups within the U3A 'clubs'.

> I've recently joined Northampton U3A. I'm intending to attend a
> computing group next month however having spoken to the leader
> there doesn't currently seem to be a lot of interest in open source
> or Linux. Could well be that in the longer term I'll look to
> starting a similar group to yours in Northampton.

I let two years go by thinking there was no interest. But when I
started up the groups, people turned up! The first Bracknell meet was
in the Oldies Cafe I help with (PC also) and I was so convinced no one
was going to turn up, I had ordered lunch to eat for something to do.
Then four people arrived! Choke. Gulp.

My suggestion is create a group!! Now! By all means copy my groups'
blerb etc.
I personally do not want to waste my time with Windows OS probs but if
peeps are using  FLOSS on Windows that is ok. But as you see my
group/s are Ubuntu centric.

I wrote an article in the national U3A news a while ago and invited
emails. I got 16 direct responses, I thought this was good. There was
the expected kerfuffle in letters after it too, and the Editor
eventually pulled the plug, as they do.

Go for it!
alan cocks

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