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Wed Dec 7 03:01:10 UTC 2011

On 6 December 2011 22:40, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> In addition, it may be of interest to mention here that I also run a
> couple of groups within the U3A 'clubs'. U3A is for those retired
> people who seek to (in theory) continue their learning process into
> the third age of a (hopefully) long life. I got pretty frustrated with
> the conventional computer groups, as you would expect, totally Windows
> and some pretty entrenched attitudes too. My groups (Bracknell and
> Wokingham U3As) are dubbed 'Computing Libre' and are specifically  for
> discussion and use of libre software, (with a stated emphasis on Ubuntu).
> Again, the half dozen or so members in each group are not going to
> attend LUGs, UK Team meets, or even use forums, although some might,
> with time:
> www.wokinghamu3a.org.uk/Computing_Libre.html
> www.bracknellu3a.org.uk/ComputerLibre.html

This is interesting stuff...

I don't know if you've heard of our company, but I'm involved with a
small business called Simplicity Computers. We do a range of
Linux-powered machines with a very simple, stripped-down interface
aimed at getting people online who don't know how to use computers and
don't want to learn. It's all full-screen, single-click driven with no
menus or toolbars or right-clicking or double-clicking or anything.
Everything's introduced with video tutorials presented by Valerie
Singleton, so you don't need to go to night-school courses and learn
irrelevant stuff that we find people often forget by the time they get


It's particularly aimed at older people, but not exclusively. We have
customers in their 30s. :¬)

One thing we've been considering is something along the lines of a
"mentoring" system or something, where more technically-savvy people
would help out nervous novices and sort of hold their hands, so to
speak, as they got used to using a mouse, keyboard and the Web.

Do you think that would be something you or your fellow-U3A people
might be interested in, at all?

Aside: we don't use Ubuntu on the machines, as our interface is
commercial software and as such the SABDFL refused us permission. So
we use Mint, who were very happy to work with us.

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