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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Dec 6 22:40:07 UTC 2011

On 06/12/11 21:40, Gareth France wrote:
>  Oh, how is the group you started doing? I've added it to my
> leaflets to help anyone I sell to.

Still pretty quiet . . .

I did support  some months of 'Ubuntu Hour' in Bracknell some time
ago, and a few people did attend on occasions. But there was not
enough regular attendance to justify my time being regularly
committed.  Being retired, my time is pretty valuable :-)
[have just returned from Nice France, relatives .... ]
But recently I have had a question or two about locally meeting, so I
set up:
The Bracknell-Ubuntu group is a contact group,

It is aimed at people who need a local contact meetup, a
'neighbourhood' meet. It is not expected to be any replacement for
such as ubuntuforums, or the lists, LUGs nor even Ubuntu UK Team. All
of these are way over the heads of the peeps I think are most likely
to want a coffee shop meet. However, if (when) the geographic density
of Ubuntu Users increases in this area, the type of meet up will I am
sure change to suit.

In addition, it may be of interest to mention here that I also run a
couple of groups within the U3A 'clubs'. U3A is for those retired
people who seek to (in theory) continue their learning process into
the third age of a (hopefully) long life. I got pretty frustrated with
the conventional computer groups, as you would expect, totally Windows
and some pretty entrenched attitudes too. My groups (Bracknell and
Wokingham U3As) are dubbed 'Computing Libre' and are specifically  for
discussion and use of libre software, (with a stated emphasis on Ubuntu).

Again, the half dozen or so members in each group are not going to
attend LUGs, UK Team meets, or even use forums, although some might,
with time:
alan cocks

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