[ubuntu-uk] USB 5V DC power: power off?

Jones, Victor Victor.Jones at flightsafety.com
Tue Dec 6 14:45:40 UTC 2011

As an alternative, you can use the old serial port (COM1) on the laptop and drive the data line - you can easily test that with a terminal emulator.  In windows I'd use Hyperterm.  I think GTKterm is an equivalent.

If you don't have a com port you can get a USB-RS232 adapter such as http://www.maplin.co.uk/usb-to-serial-9-pin-male-adaptor-29968 - you should be able to pick one up on line for less than a tenner.

Just note that RS232 is supposed to be around 9V, rather than the 5V of USB, so you may need to change the current limiting resistor, or else your LED will just be brighter.  You can have fun sending different data to vary the brightness.


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