[ubuntu-uk] Are we missing the point ?

John Davis davisjo at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 3 19:42:53 UTC 2011

Many thanks for your interesting responses to my question.

I enjoy Ubuntu and have seen it grow from early beginnings to what it is 

  Early on, I was bored and frustrated with Windows, Ubuntu was new, 
exciting and a challenge to learn.

The free specialised software filled a gap that the commercials did not 
and I liked that.

When Ubuntu first appeared, I imagined children in 3rd world countries 
using cheap computers  with Ubuntu.

Developers sitting in bedsits writing software, all for the common good.

I am grateful for all who have donated their software to the cause.

Canonical seems to have moved on and by necessity has had to become more 

I approve of that,just because something is free, does not make it better.

I would pay for Ubuntu, if the money could be channelled into 
developing  better applications that  were more cross platform friendly.

Perhaps we should concentrate less on the myriad of distros,which seem 
to detract from moving forward,

Just a view !

John Davis

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