[ubuntu-uk] 11.10 So far mixed fortunes

Nick McAlpin thegeeksquadron at ymail.com
Sat Dec 3 19:25:14 UTC 2011

 Sorry, this phone makes it impossible to bottom quote, so I will just write the post in detail and context. For older systems, you want to save as much as space as possible and only have what you need installed and not have any extra drivers or things you don't need. I choose Arch for older hardware, because it's a lot more customisable, and allows me to take only drivers and programs I need, unlike Lubuntu, where everything is installed, including unnecessary drivers. Arch allows old systems to be as concise and get the maximum speed possible out of the system. Also Lubuntu is more of a hastle to swap the open box window manager out for fluxbox, if desired, which i often do do, depending on the system.
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