[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu - Wrong Direction?

Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Dec 3 00:38:04 UTC 2011

On 2 December 2011 23:36, Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> wrote:

> ** Alan Pope <alan at canonical.com> [2011-12-02 11:03]:
> > On 01/12/11 23:52, thegeeksquadron at ymail.com wrote:
> > >Is Ubuntu going in the wrong direction?
> >
> > I personally don't believe so, no. I personally think it's going in
> > exactly the _right_ direction, but some people seem obsessed by
> > yesterday, today and tomorrow and not next year or next decade.
> I agree, I think in the longer term this will probably be good. I certainly
> prefer Unity to Gnome Shell (with the proviso that this is based on reading
> about both, but only having used Unity so far!). My main gripe is that it
> has
> been rushed out as the primary desktop when it is so painfully unfinished.
> Things I want to do just aren't easy yet and force me to the command line
> and
> Google (this feels very last millenium Linux!), and some of the changes
> I'm not
> keen on I could easily adjust if there were configuration options for them.
> A few examples:
You can use the Ubuntu Unity Plugin options in CompizConfig Settings
Manager to alter how the Launcher hides/reveals.  You will probably have to
install CompizConfig Settings Manager.  Its not installed by default as far
as I know, and I think that is because it is dangerous to change some of
the other features with Unity running.

There is also a GUI being developed for creating .desktop files as used in
the Launcher, etc,  For now, there is some stuff around, particularly on
AskUbuntu, which describes how they are put together.

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