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Michael Daniels michael_d at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Dec 2 22:07:55 UTC 2011

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> On 02/12/11 20:51, Neil Greenwood wrote:
> > Ahh, I've also just noticed on the Policies tab (I'm using 11.04, so 
> > it might be slightly different), there's an "Operation Policy" 
> > setting, which has the values "Default behaviour" and "Authenticated" 
> > - mine is set to "Default", so check yours isn't set to "Authenticated".
> I missed that one!  Well spotted Neil - Michael; let us know!!!
> Regards,        Barry.
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Mine is set to "Default behaviour"  not nice, everything seems to be right but it works wrong, the wonders of science.I use the list as a last resort, printer authentication seems to be an unknown event.Problem is, if it is related to a recent Ubuntu update, it might still happen if uninstalled/reinstalled.Can be much easier if the cause is known.Thanks for trying, to be continued !Regards, Michael 		 	   		  
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