[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu - Wrong Direction?

paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Dec 2 12:39:56 UTC 2011

On 02/12/11 12:26, Alan Bell wrote:
> On 02/12/11 12:01, Gareth France wrote:
>> Much as I expected to hear Alan, however I firstly feel that this is
>> a bad move, would it hurt them to have a range of POS display materials?
> wouldn't hurt at all. http://spreadubuntu.org/ help yourself, and
> contribute new ones. Getting them made up properly might cost a bit (I
> paid about £130 for a popup I think)
> Alan.


I have edited this one myself so it includes the ubuntu website (kinda
helpful for marketing eh)

I am happy for someone to mod my poster and then upload, however before
we do lets get it right, so it has impact.  (and avoid any basic errors
highlighted above)

We are a collaborative effort so it makes sense to work together on
this, I am not trying to push work to others,  i have made an effort and
just feel it needs a touch from someone with more expertise.

At our very first lug meet back in 2000 i picked up 2 large posters,  in
the sort of designof the ww1 recruitment (your country needs you) except
One had linus on and the other had richard stallman)

maybe we need something similar and put a pic of alan (or someone in
charge of the team) pointing out of the picture (the Ubuntu community
needs YOU)

have one perhaps for the manual team,  asking for volunteers and help. 




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