[ubuntu-uk] Off list - Re: Buying a computer suitable for Ubuntu (alan c)

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 20:18:28 UTC 2011

On 25/08/11 19:26, Martin Houston wrote:
> I have a 10 year old IBM T23 that runs Ubuntu tolerably well even - 
> just not HD movie playing!
> For a PC of any age the big secret is getting as much memory as possible.
> A while ago I managed to buy and extra 1G of ram for my daughters old 
> P4 machine for just £6. It made a huge difference to performance of 
> things like Firefox to have 2GB not just 1GB.
> The importance of memory is why Microsoft chose to cripple netbooks by 
> insisting that they were only sold with 1G if the manufacturers wanted 
> virtualy for free Windows on them. They really should not have been 
> allowed to get away with that and all the technology waste it caused. 
I doubt very much I will ever watch 3D stuff, never been to a 3D film in 
the cinema, dont even play games...I just dont know why it wont take 
11.04 which is a shame really, as its only 2 months old, and 
64bit.....funny thing....I have a netbook , Acer Aspire One, same make 
as this that installed and works just with 11.04, as long as I only run 
one thing. I installed XFCE on it and use that instead.....


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