[ubuntu-uk] Reapproval interview with the LoCo Council tonight, 9PM

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Tue Aug 16 11:44:07 UTC 2011

> Hi all,
> our LoCo team reapproval is tonight, we have a fair bit done, but if
> people could review the form and in particular add dates on events, and
> more inline pictures then that would be fantastic:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ReApprovalApplication2011
> have a look at the California and Arizona applications to see what
> others have done for today
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda
> We also need to have as much support as we can during the meeting, which
> is on IRC, in the #ubuntu-meeting channel at 9PM this evening.
> hope to see you all there
> Alan.
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Hi Alan,
In the application reapproval document introduction section, the "it's"
leapt out as being wrong. Initial impression would be improved by using
"its". Nit-picking, perhaps, but important for such a document.
My admiration goes to you and all the team for making ubuntu a marvelous
I've introduced it to one or two people as an alternative to broken
Windows and no great complaints so far ...

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