[ubuntu-uk] Libre Office – troubleshooting

Emily Maher emily.maher at canonical.com
Tue Aug 16 09:53:08 UTC 2011

Hello everyone!

I have recently joined the comms team in London as a Graphic Designer and have been tasked with updating the slideshow presentations for the company. I was hoping someone out there may be able to shed some light on some problems I have been encountering while trying to build slides in Libre Office, as detailed below. I am building these slides as brand-compliant templates for others to use so would like, in turn, to be able to advise them on how to overcome such issues.

It is probably worth mentioning that I am using Libre Office in Mac OS as my machine doesn't seem to get along too well with Ubuntu :-(

Here we go...

Image quality

Poor image quality when placing images, such as the pictograms, into Libre Office. Images seem to degrade further when the slides are displayed (jaggedy edges or fuzzy). I have tried various formats to no avail – vector images seem to disappear from the file leaving nothing but an empty picture box and jpegs/pngs etc. all suffer the fuzzy or jaggedy effect. (see screenshot of a png below)

Consistency when cropping images

I'm having problems cropping images of various size so they all match – is there a way to specify a crop area for all such images without stretching/squashing them, such as placing into picture boxes of a specific size, instead of trying to crop each image individually?

Text formatting

When copying and pasting text from one text box to another, the formatting disappears/defaults. This is a particular problem with text that contains bullet points – bullet points appear where I had none and disappear from where I did, they also change colour! It also sometimes happens when dragging slides from one presentation to another. 

Those are the main ones – if anyone knows how to get round any of them I would be really grateful! 

Have a lovely day :-)


Emily Maher
Graphic designer
Communications team
Canonical UK ltd

emily.maher at canonical.com

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