[ubuntu-uk] Screen resolution problems on dual-monitor setup

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 11 11:34:18 UTC 2011

On 11 August 2011 12:13, James Morrissey <morrissey.james1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So Colin's suggestion worked!

Wow, amazing.  Apparently "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is
not always true.

> Once i logged in with Ubuntu classic desktop (no effects) i could set
> the resolution i wanted (via monitor preferences) and everything
> works. I am somewhat embarrassed that i didn't see that option when i
> first tried this.

I imagine you would also have trouble with the Unity interface if you
tried it.  If you install unity-2d however then that may well work ok.

> The only issue i am left with now is that screen size appears to be
> taken from the larger 19" monitor. This means that the mouse can fall
> off the top or bottom (or both) of the smaller monitor, depending on
> where i position the smaller monitor in relation to the larger one
> (again, in 'monitor preferences'). This isn't much of an issue however
> as the GNOME menus bound the size to which applications maximise in
> the smaller monitor. So i am happy to live with this.

I think that is a fact of life if your actual screens do not fill the
total virtual screen area.  There will be bits of the virtual area
that things can get lost in.

> One last thing then, since i had enough memory to run the resolutions
> but the advanced effects were messing up the presentation, is it worth
> filling a bug on this?

That sounds like a good idea.  Even if it does not get fixed the
workaround will be recorded there for others to find.


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