[ubuntu-uk] Good News For Acer Aspire One 521 Users

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 09:02:23 UTC 2011

On 30/04/11 07:20, Trevor Hyde wrote:
> I downloaded the beta2 version a couple of days back to try on 
> VirtualBox, but wasn't able to install Unity because of "hardware" 
> deficiencies.  (This appears to be a well known issue and someone's 
> published a workaround on the Ubuntu forum.)
> I ran it as a live disc on the main desktop, but obviously, Unity 
> wasn't running at its maximum speed so I wasn't able to achieve the 
> expected drool factor, and I've rated it as just "Not Bad but Prefer 
> Gnome 2/XFCE".
> I also downloaded Fedora 15 beta with its Gnome 3 desktop - same issue 
> with VirtualBox, but when I ran that as a live disc, I was surprised 
> to see the similarity with Unity, although in my opinion, G3 is rather 
> prettier and there seems more to play around with.
> <Luddite mode>  I'm used to Gnome 2.  I like it, I'm happy with it, 
> and I don't see the need to change. </Luddite mode>

Hi, I was wondering, I am having problems with installing Natty on my 
machine as well, can you show me the workaround on the Ubuntu forums? 
Would like to have a look.


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