[ubuntu-uk] Checking if a System restart is required

Avi lists at avi.co
Wed Apr 27 14:21:56 UTC 2011

Colin Law wrote:
> When this happens is it necessary to reboot fairly urgently or is it
> ok to delay this till a convenient time.  

As far as I've noticed, Mozilla software is all that has any complaints
about being upgraded while running, and then left running.

I frequently go days between apt-get upgrades and reboots. ISTR there
were a couple of updates which, for reasons I no longer remember,
specifically said I needed to reboot quickly. I forget what these were,
but they made it _very_ obvious that I should reboot once the upgrade
was finished.

Generally, though, the reboot is required in order to get yourself into
a state where you're using the updated software. If you've no great
desire to immediately be using the newer version of whatever, you can
just carry on using the pre-update versions that're already running and
nothing should complain any more than it did before the upgrade.


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