[ubuntu-uk] GMailfs on Lucid - Any joy?

Dave Hanson d.hanson at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 13:55:44 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone, I've been playing with gmailfs all morning and I've managed 
to get it to mount my gmail space as a drive on Lucid, but the files do 
not seem to remain intact for some reason after I unmount/reboot.

The file size stays the same and all the rest of it but the data inside 
the files dissapears?

Has anyone out there successfully managed to get it working properly?


P.S - Here are my rather crude notes as to how I got this far......

*Open a gmail account*

*Get the pyhton script*

cd /home/.gmailfs

wget http://sr71.net/projects/gmailfs/gmailfs.py-v8

nano gmailfs.py-v8*

if os.environ["IMAPFS_TRASH_ALL"] != None:


if os.getenv("IMAPFS_TRASH_ALL") != None:

*Get the .conf file*

cd (location is in gmailfs.conf)

wget http://sr71.net/projects/gmailfs/gmailfs.conf

nano gmailfs.conf

*Change the lines:*

username = gmailfsuser12322634 at gmail.com
password = s33kr1t

*To your user details on the gmail account you set up earlier.*

*You need lgconstants.py in the /home/.gmailfs folder.*

cd /home/gmailfs


sudo tar xzf libgmail-*.tar.gz

sudo chmod 777 libgmail*

cd libgmail-*

mv lgconstants.py /home/.gmailfs

sudo chmod 777 /home/.gmailfs

sudo mkdir /media/Gmail

*Now to run it*

cd /home/.gmailfs

sudo python gmailfs.py -o allow_root none /media/Gmail

The drive should be mounted, and you Gmail account will have created a 
folder conataining emails with garbled messages, leave these alone.

You will need to run these last two commands each time you need to mount 
your Gmail drive or set up some sort of automount.
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