[ubuntu-uk] Very Off Topic - Apologies in advance.

Dave Hanson d.hanson at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 14:28:42 UTC 2011

Hiya Everyone,

I was wondering if might ask an off topic question please as I assume 
that there are many people on this list who may do something similar?

I'm planning on doing some data recovery work from home when I finish my 
degree (Computer Forensics Bsc), My plan is to promote myself through my 
Wordpress powered blog (shameless plug: hansonforensics.co.uk). - It is 
on an Ubuntu Server! ;)

I need some sort of ecommerce plugin for Wordpress which will allow 
clients, and myself to upload large files (HDD Images, so I'm talking 
GB's) and take payment from them for recovering their files and things - 
Obviosly not every job would involve huge amounts of data, but some may.

The main problem is that I would prefer to take either the expected 
amount in full and reserve it until the job is completed, with the 
option of returning it to the client or take a small diagnostic fee in 
advance and log what fee came from who/what job number.

Could anyone reccomend a plugin or perhaps share how they conduct such 

Thanks - And as I say, Apologies in advance for being off topic.


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