[ubuntu-uk] New omputer.......Ubuntu install help

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Thu Apr 7 14:00:08 UTC 2011

scoundrel50a wrote:
> Burnt disc, then rebooted, but wasnt recognised by computer and windows
> started. Do I need to do anything else. Read the instructions Popey gave
> but it says computer should recognise the disc and start.

Ah yeah, that page doesn't mention computers where the CD isn't the 
first boot device.

Right at the beginning of the boot, before Windows starts up, you should 
see a message telling you of the key to press to go into setup, and the 
key to press for a boot menu. Usually, one of these is the 'delete' key.

If, at that point, you press the key for the boot menu, you should be 
presented with a list of devices to boot from; you should choose the 
drive with the CD in it.
Generally, those prompts don't appear for very long any more, so you'll 
probably see it on one boot, then need to reboot to be able to press it 
actually inside of the tiny space of time it'll pay attention to it.


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