[ubuntu-uk] Wireless Network Connectivity

Phil Wood woody954rr at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 19:00:38 UTC 2011


I am undergoing a conversion from Windows to Ubuntu :-)

I have dual-booted my Samsung N110 Netbook (WinXP and Ubuntu - 2.6.35-23),
so far so good.

When I boot Ubuntu everything seems fine except I cannot connect to the
internet via my wireless network. It's fine if I boot WinXP (can connect).

To be clear; I can connect to my wireless network, but running Firefox on
any website ellicits:

*The connection has timed out - The server at
* is taking too long to respond*.

Via a terminal window I can successfully ping www.bbc.co.uk .

I run Firefox on a desktop PC and this also connects (W7) OK. I've tried to
copy the Firefox settings as best as I can, without success.

Hoping there's someone out there who has been here before.

Any ideas?


Phil W.
woody954rr at gmail.com
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