[ubuntu-uk] Bonding 3G connections.

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Mon Apr 4 07:47:17 UTC 2011

On Sun, 3 Apr 2011, Tim Dobson wrote:
> Just wondered, does anyone have any experience or has seen any blogs
> posts of anyone bonding two or more 3G  connections

I haven't done it yet, but I need to arrange something similiar using
bonded 3G for getting better upstream from the narrowboat.

Basic plan would be several multislot devices to get around individual
ERP limits[*], and probably multiple operators (similiar to what the
various train wifi systems do for their upstreams)---companies such as
Icomera handle such arrangements for the transport operators.

As you hint the setup needs a VPN concentrator somewhere to
remultiplex the streams at the other end, and something local to
remultiplex the streams at your end.


[*] the Effective Radiated Power should not be a problem for me as the
antennas would be going on the top of a 10-metre high pneumatic mast
(not 50 millimetres away from my brain):


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