[ubuntu-uk] Bonding 3G connections.

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Apr 3 20:58:42 UTC 2011

On 03/04/11 21:10, Tim Dobson wrote:
> Hey hey,
> Just wondered, does anyone have any experience or has seen any blogs
> posts of anyone bonding two or more 3G  connections so they can
> aggregate the bandwidth?
> If you've seen or heard of anyone doing this I'd be interested to know
> any hints on how they went about it. :)
> cheers,
> Tim

A friend of mine in our local LUG is doing something along these lines 
for a commercial project.  I gather what he's working on uses 3G modems 
from different providers to provide coverage when it's being moved about 
(when one provider connection goes down the others can carry the load). 
  I guess you could think of it like a mobile 3G router with multiple 

I've dropped him a quick e-mail about it, but I'm sure he said that it 
involved a VPN to get it to work so all the traffic goes over the VPN so 
it can be used with different providers.

Doing a quick Google search also comes up with this...


Maybe this might help you crack it, I'd be interested to know if you do 
manage it.


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