[ubuntu-uk] Aptitude question

Vinothan Shankar neversaymonkey at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 16:42:39 UTC 2011

On 01/04/11 20:34, Neil Greenwood wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there any way to get aptitude to do a full-upgrade while installing
> a new package? I just had a situation where I was trying to install
> mumble after doing an 'aptitude update', and got into a conflict state
> because libqtcore4 was going to be upgraded *as well as* being
> installed as a dependency of mumble.
> Hmm, not sure I explained that very well...
> The version of mumble I was about to install depended on the new
> version of libqtcore4, but all the other Qt apps installed depended on
> the previous version. So the best suggestion of the 'aptitude install
> mumble' command was to leave everything unchanged!
> So, what I want is something like 'aptitude full-upgrade and install
> mumble' - does such a thing exist?
Not sure that it does exactly, but... the ~U search-pattern matches
installed and upgradeable packages, so 'aptitude install mumble ~U'
should do the job, as install is also the aptitude command to upgrade a
package if possible.

Failing that, 'aptitude full-upgrade && aptitude install mumble' will
work, of course.

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