[ubuntu-uk] Using Wubi on a dual partition machine

Jim Price d1version at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 18:13:37 BST 2010

On 16/09/10 17:28, Jacob Mansfield wrote:
> so you're saying I should just be able to put the live cd in one of my
> machines, then use a network boot over the lan

Yes, but this only works for the Edubuntu 10.04 DVD, not the other 
'buntus. I know it gets you as far as booting an Edubuntu client over 
the network, but I don't know if the installer is included in that 
client as that isn't something I have previously done. I have only 
booted one machine from the DVD and then the second machine via PXE from 
the first machine. If does use the liveCD image including the installer, 
it will definitely be the easiest way to PXE boot an installation. I 
would expect it to work, as it would surely be easy and obvious for it 
to use the image already on the DVD which already has the installer 
built in, but I cannot guarantee it because I have not tried it for that 


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