[ubuntu-uk] Gwibber account window spontaneously opening

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Thu Sep 16 16:53:33 BST 2010

  On 16/09/10 13:37, pmgazz wrote:
>> FYI, the fix for this is to go to the twitter account, authorise it then
>> make sure you press save, have to press save or it'll keep coming back
> Tried this already - didn't work. Just starts doing it again and when 
> I check Twitter is unauthorised again. Have had to remove Gwibber as 
> it's too annoying and I don't have time to right now to root about 
> figuring out what it's actually doing.
> Paula

Ok, well I tried looking in Startup Applications, and it wasnt in there, 
even though it had just opened again. So then I went to Administration 
System Monitor, and it was in there, I stopped it. Dont know if its 
supposed to be done, but its stopped the application from opening all 
the time. Now I need to know why it starts on startup and how I can 
stop- that. Any suggestions?


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