[ubuntu-uk] MS vs. OO - and Adobe!

pmgazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 13:46:13 BST 2010

I had a similar heart-searching around Adobe Air - I work with 
non-profits for whom fundraising is core - most funders issue 
badly-constructed pdf forms and trying to fill these in with Evince is 
still a work in progress. I can manage to do it because I know Evince 
fairly well and what it can and can't do and don't mind working around 
it - my clients were having total nervous breakdowns.

Getting rid of Adobe's ghastly, bloated and tentacled reader was a major 
plus in moving to Ubuntu for me ;)  However, my clients really really 
weren't coping. I now put Acroread onto Ubuntu Desktops where people 
need to deal with pdf forms. Hate it, but there it is.

And, until I upgraded to 10.04 and BBC iPlayer didn't, I used to install 
Air (grumbling all the way) so I can run the iPlayer on my desktop. I'm 
really committed to Free Software but I'm not a hermit ;)

By the way, is there something we could (collectively) do to hassle the 
BCC to sort out the iPlayer for Lucid (and Maverick - or is it fixed on 
Maverick? I haven't had time to install it yet).

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