[ubuntu-uk] Vote Results!

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Thu Sep 2 21:48:00 BST 2010

To all those who are not happy with results, remember that we all had a 
chance to vote. Although the design I voted for did not win, I am happy 
that I was given a chance to vote. Companies like Microsoft are not 
likely to do something like this. But in the free software community we 
can all have a say, and those who put in more will get more out of it. 
Those who submitted designs are probably happy that their design had 
some votes, even if it did not win.

And as Alan Lord wrote, we had 2 weeks to submit ideas for designs. I 
think that there was quite a good choice of designs to choose from, they 
all looked professional and of a suitable standard.

And because we could all contribute in some way, either by making a 
design, or voting, we are all winners here. We contributed to something 
worthwhile. Most large software companies do not bother to ask people 
for their ideas or votes, they just create stuff and hope people will 
buy/use it.

So I will finish by thanking those who organised this and for giving us 
a vote. And remember, the most popular design was chosen.

David King

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