[ubuntu-uk] Flash/Iplayer issues

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Thu Oct 28 23:34:04 BST 2010

Hey there,

I suspect this is a known issue, is anyone to point me in the direction
of any fixes.

My parents are on Ubuntu 10.04 and have a problem clicking on controls
of flash players embedded in web pages - specifically the play button in
BBC iPlayer for instance. They can click the button, it depresses but
doesn't acknowledge the click.

One workaround is to click on the flash embed to give that
mouse/keyboard focus and then press space bar to start/pause the video
however I'm getting the impression this is non-ideal and wondering if
there was a better solution.

My brother in law suspects this is related to compiz...

Is anyone else affected by this and can suggest any potential fixes or

Not at all scared of getting my hands dirty. :)



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