[ubuntu-uk] Server won't start without screen

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Oct 26 21:09:50 BST 2010

On 26/10/10 20:50, Paul Willis wrote:
> Hi
> I set up Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server on a Mac Mini and shipped it off to our other office (too far for me to go and troubleshoot) where they plugged in a screen configured the network settings in the cli and then unplugged the screen.
> Everything worked fine until at some point a few weeks later the machine was switched off and when turned on again it wouldn't boot up properly (well it wouldn't appear on the network) until a screen was plugged in at which point it booted fine and appeared on the network without any problem.
> Unfortunately I'm not sure how the unit came to have the power disconnected it is plugged into a UPS all I know is that it was turned off when staff came in in the morning.
> This same scenario occurred a second time a week or so later and once again a screen was required for the server to be fully operational.
> When it starts up with a screen I'm told there i

I've run a couple of headless servers and never had this issue, it just 
carries on.  That's not to say there maybe a setting where the Mac 
expects a monitor to be connected.  I've seen something along these 
lines on some PCs although it tends to be more a keyboard or mouse not 
plugged in rather than a screen not plugged in.

Does it boot when the screen is plugged in but turned off?

Also, could it be that some cleaner is unplugging the UPS or something 
thinks that the machine should be turned off to save electricity 
thinking they're being helpful?

If you solve it or not I'd suggest maybe putting something on the plug 
or a note over the socket saying that the kit has to be kept plugged in 
and turned on.  I've seen some things that you can get which fit round 
the plug and cover the power switch (although I don't know where you can 
get them from, maybe Maplins, CPC etc or even an office supplies company 

By the way, I did a quick google search, looks like someone else is 
having a similar issue with a Mac Mini but with XP...


Might give you more to go on.


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