[ubuntu-uk] What accounting software to recommend

Steve Fisher xirconuk at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 12:38:25 BST 2010

On 23 October 2010 12:15, Gordon Burgess-Parker <gbplinux at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 22/10/2010 21:42, Yorvyk wrote:
> >
> >   because their book-keeper had developed a pathological hatred of Sage
> for some reason.
> I understand that. Sage is AWFUL!
> > They were very happy with it and when they merged with another company
> they took to it as well and dropped Sage.  Admittedly their accountants
> didn’t like it, as they believed Sage was the only thing worth using.
> Obviously a backhander there - most Management Accountants I knew also
> hated Sage....
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I am a Management Accountant, I dislike Sage with a vengeance.  I prefer
Opera my self, but I am an xBase programmer :)

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