[ubuntu-uk] What accounting software to recommend

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 22:29:36 BST 2010

On 22/10/10 21:42, Yorvyk wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 20:32:33 +0100
> Rob Beard<rob at esdelle.co.uk>  wrote:
>> I'm a bit late in posting but a while back I did see a package called
>> Accountz.  It's from a UK based company, I believe they do a Business
>> version for about £100 and a Home version for about £40.  The thing that
>> caught my eye was the Tux on the box.  Looking into it a bit more it
>> looks like it's a Java based package so runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
>>    I can't tell you how good it is though as I was unable to find a demo
>> or trial version to try.  You can probably find it in PC World, or you
>> can check out the web site at http://www.accountz.com/.
>> By the way, looking at the web site, I did like this...
>> "Finally, accountancy software that just works. Whatever platform you
>> work on, whether it is Windows, Mac OSX or Linux, Accountz doesn't
>> discriminate against your choice, and all from the same disc. Now that's
>> adaptability."
> I worked at a company that used it on their Macs, mainly because their book-keeper had developed a pathological hatred of Sage for some reason.  They were very happy with it and when they merged with another company they took to it as well and dropped Sage.  Admittedly their accountants didn’t like it, as they believed Sage was the only thing worth using.  I don’t know which of the version they use.  I know they had a few problems changing over and reckoned the help was excellent.
> There is 30 day a trial version available on the site, long with the penguins. :)

Ahh Sage, I still wake up in a cold sweat over it, WHY anyone wants to 
use it I don't know, from my experience of Sage Line 50, it came across 
as the worst application ever.  It certainly didn't follow any Microsoft 
recommendations on how Windows applications should work (things like 
having standard menus, and a standard looking interface).

Saying that bean counters in my experience are a strange bunch.

My wife is starting a business, I'll get her to download the trial and 
give it a try (I noticed the 30 day trial after I posted earlier, I'm 
sure they didn't have that when I last checked a few months ago, 
certainly got to be worth a go).


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