[ubuntu-uk] The new Ubuntu-UK website

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Mon Oct 18 16:44:08 BST 2010

  On 18/10/10 16:36, John Stevenson wrote:
> I hope Chris is just being polite when he says a wee bit smaller.  To 
> me the podcast logo completely dominates the whole page and I find it 
> hard to look anywhere else.  The logo is even more intense on a netbook.
OK, so it sucks. It was an idea, clearly it doesn't work that well. How 
can we make it suck less?
> The Ubuntu-UK logo would be fine on the right hand side if there was 
> nothing on the left, as with the Ubuntu.com site.
> I am afraid the podcast logo hypertext link even encroaches on the 
> text around the logo - so clicking on the text "What is Ubuntu-UK" or 
> "Who is this group four ?"  takes you to the podcast  page.
yeah, it is a transparent PNG with a div below it to push the text 
somewhat out of the way, but without looking too boxy and square. It 
doesn't work that well does it.
> I am interested to see want content is exposed on the site, I assuming 
> that the content on there is currently a strawman for ideas as its 
> basically the same as the http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam site.
oh yes, the current content is just pasted in to allow design work on 
the theme, things like discussing in #ubuntu-accessibility to make sure 
that the text contrast is acceptable for low vision users etc. (it 
wasn't, I fixed it)

> Do we all share the same idea of what our main audience is for the 
> site?  Is this for people who are already part of Ubuntu UK or is it 
> also for the general public?  It suggests on etherpad that this site 
> is mainly a resource for the team by my reading.
the etherpad is for writing as well as reading! If you have ideas on who 
the audience is then slap them down. I kind of see it as useful to the 
general public as well as for the team.


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