[ubuntu-uk] Little project

Daniel Case danielcase10 at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 15 23:26:15 BST 2010

Hi guys, I have a little project to do so that i can access my email and
some other websites from college, it has a web filter so blocks such things
which is annoying in 2 hour long 'free' periods. If I didn't have a web
server running this would be quite simple, but sadly things are never as
simple as they can be. I can use puTTy from college so would like to use X11
forwarding with SSH.

I have tried a direct connection but it timed out, I then learnt that the
only port 80 connections can get out. What I am therefore trying to do is
set up the web server so that any requests it receives on port 80 from a
certain IP gets forwarded to port 22 and i should then be able to log in
through SSH with X11 forwarding and bring up firefox. I have heard this is
possible with Iptables?

This is technically against my college IT ToS, but my computing tutors have
said they will turn a blind eye if I manage to do it.

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