[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 23:32:43 BST 2010

On 13/10/10 22:25, Will Bickerstaff wrote:

> Anyone know the reason behind dropping it. It seemed to disappear in Hardy

Nope, I didn't realise it had gone until I checked today.

> Isn't this what the OP was getting at. Why isn't this included as on
> option, so when the desktop fails to load, which in my experience, is
> far more common than is being indicated in this discussion, the user
> can reboot and try the 'safe graphics mode' option doing exactly this.

I just figured it might be of some help since the option has gone 
missing.  I do agree though having the option in there is handy for 
these situations, it's certainly a lot more friendly for new users than 
editing the command line (which while it isn't that hard, it's probably 
not too obvious to someone say coming from Windows).

> What you've just posted, may as well be written in Urdu, the user the
> OP is describing would find this a ridiculously complicated method
> just to get a usable desktop.  What they need is a selection that
> explains in plain English this is what you do if the normal method
> doesn't produce a desktop. Why was the safe graphics mode option ever
> removed?

It may well be written in Urdu, but for some it might be of some help, I 
doubt the option will be coming back until the next release of Ubuntu 
next year if it does come back (or maybe an Ubuntu 10.04 point release).

Maybe a help option on the boot screen would be useful, plus some 
trouble shooting options.

> Maybe we should even get grub to create a 'safe graphics mode' entry,
> that way if a user later experiences video issues they can at least
> get to a desktop.

Maybe, I gather the nearest thing is rescue mode, I can't remember 
options the rescue mode provides (other than a command line).  It's been 
a while since I used it.

> Old nVidia hardware is an absolute nightmare in my experience, and
> I'll be keeping clear of nVidia for a long time. I experienced bug
> 220951 on a system which failed to start X. What to do then. Unusable
> tty's and no X.... Screwed. A safe graphics mode in my boot menu would
> have made life so much easier. I've learnt, and changed my grub conf
> to always create one.

I've had hit and miss experiences with both NVidia and ATI graphics 
cards.  My wife's PC has an ATI Radeon All In Wonder X800 PCI Express 
card, in some releases of Ubuntu the display would come up in a really 
low resolution (something like 640x400 or something along those lines), 
other times it would come up with a corrupt display.  However I tried 
10.04 LTS and it worked fine without any problems (okay she uses Windows 
7 on her PC but I occasionally fire up an Ubuntu Live CD just to test it).


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