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Paul Jones paul at pjitsolutions.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 18:00:03 BST 2010

John, you're still missing my point. And I never said that because I am not experiencing the issues then it must be wrong. 

I totally understand what its like to have a problem and to feel like its not being addressed. I'm simply saying that your view seems to be that the entire community isn't willing to help you, that's just not the case. Some people on forums/communities love to be controversial and make life hard for others but you need to plough through it and seek the answers you need. 

All I'm saying is, the answers ARE out there, you need to keep at it, not lose faith and try and remain positive about it. There are plenty of people willing to help you, and I'd like to think If your attempts are being directed at the right people, you will get help, and answers. 

Maybe this is something you should take up offline with the forum admins to seek a resolution and stop this sort of thing happening again. 

P.S. I agree this thread has definately run its course and is in danger of going very astray. 


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On 13/10/10 17:35, Paul Jones wrote:
> I've been a user of support forums for years and have never had the issues you or Mel describe, I've asked questions on all manner of forums ranging from PC's to dishwashers to cats and never found a lack of people willing to help and point me in the right direction.
> I'd put money on it there are as many people with your point of view about the support they get from Microsoft but that doesn't mean there is a fundamental issue with the support, but clearly YOU aren't having a good experience. It seems to me peoples expectations are a little high with this sort of thing so maybe just maybe you need to be more receptive to the advice being given.
> I'm not saying that is the answer, just saying maybe, as the majority of people are able to find and get the help they need.
> Paul.

Ok, so that again says, its not happening to me, so cant be right. The 
problem I see here is, we have a problem, and all we are getting back 
is, excuses for why we could be having those problems. Problems not 
sorted, things said that shouldnt be said. Nothing accomplished apart 
from bad atmosphere.

As far as generalisations, do you want me to be really specific, I can 
name names, give instances if you like, but I dont think that would be a 
good idea for any list, do you? so the reason why its general.

You any idea how frustrating it is, to have a problem, and still have no 
solution, but lots of bad atmosphere.


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